The Ministry of the Spirit by A. J. Gordon

From the Foreword . . . WHILE BROWSING in a Christian used bookstore in 1979, I spied an original edition of A. J. Gordon’s The Ministry of the Spirit, which I purchased for $1.00! Thirteen days before I purchased Gordon’s book (typically, I note the date of a purchased book on the flyleaf), I bought a booklet authored by my old theology professor, Dr. Leslie D. Wilcox (1924-1991), titled Power from on High. Although Wilcox did not subscribe to every doctrinal jot and tittle Gordon espoused, he said the book was “among the most outstanding ever written on the subject.”1 … Continue reading “The Ministry of the Spirit by A. J. Gordon”

The Spirit of Holiness & Power by Ralph I. Tilley

THE ONLY PREREQUISITE for a seeking heart to be purified and filled—and continually purified and filled with the Holy Spirit—is a healthy appetite for God, a deep thirst for God. Remember, God forgives what we confess, he sanctifies what we offer, he fills what he sanctifies, and he uses what he fills—all through grace given to the God-thirsty soul. The 120 who gathered for prayer ten days before the Pentecost outpouring of the Holy Spirit were thirsty-hearted followers of the crucified, risen, and ascended Lord Jesus Christ. These men and women had walked with Christ during his earthly sojourn; they … Continue reading “The Spirit of Holiness & Power by Ralph I. Tilley”

The Enduement of the Spirit

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A. J.  Gordon (1836-1895) was born in New Hampshire to devout Christian parents. At about age fifteen, he was converted; one year later he expressed his desire to prepare for the ministry. In 1856 he attended Brown University, and in 1860 entered Newton Theological Seminary. Upon graduation in 1863, he accepted a pastorate at Jamaica Plain, New Boston. After six successful years there, he accepted a call to pastor Clarendon Street Baptist Church in Boston, which was in a poor spiritual condition. In 1877, evangelist Dwight L. Moody came to Boston. When Moody, as Henry Drummond said, … Continue reading “The Enduement of the Spirit”

I Believe in the Holy Ghost by Maynard James

Maynard James (1902-1988) was born in Bargoed, South Wales. In 1927 he became a student at the well-known Methodist training school, Cliff College, England, where he studied under the renowned Samuel Chadwick and was soon nicknamed “Holiness James.” It was while at Cliff College that James founded the Trekkers, a group of young men who traveled from town to town and village to village preaching the gospel. His span of ministry included church administration, evangelism, pastoring, and publishing. He ministered alongside evangelists Leonard Ravenhill, Duncan Campbell, and Jack Ford for several years. He served for nearly 50 years as the … Continue reading “I Believe in the Holy Ghost by Maynard James”

Christ in You

“Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Colossians 1:27 Years ago, the Scottish evangelist Dr. John S. Logan was at a meeting of pastors where Watchman Nee (1903-1972), the saintly Chinese evangelist, was present. Logan gave the following account of the impression Nee left upon that gathering of ministers: “After speaking, Watchman Nee was fielding questions from the crowd, and one pastor asked if he could define holiness. Nee said, ‘It is the Spirit of Christ in me, plus …’ and he began to move around the room placing his hands on each pastor in succession and saying, ‘the Spirit of … Continue reading “Christ in You”

Breath of God

If we are going to be the children of God,” A. W. Tozer (1897-1963) insightfully commented over fifty years ago, “we must have the Spirit of the Father to breathe into our hearts and breathe through us. That is why we must have the Spirit of God. That is why the Church must have the Spirit of Christ.”1 What breath is to our body, the Holy Spirit is to the believer and Christ’s Church. In the Hebrew language, in which the Old Testament was originally written, the word for breath, breathe, wind, and spirit are all from the same root … Continue reading “Breath of God”

Wind of God

And suddenly there came from heaven a sound like a mighty rushing wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting. Acts 2:2 It was a crisp October morning as I sat in the car overlooking beautiful Montagu Bay. My vehicle was provided to my wife Emily and me by our gracious hosts, Sir Durward (the first Olympic gold medal winner from the Bahamas) and Lady Holly Knowles, during my week of ministry among the dear people at the Nassau Ebenezer Methodist Church. As I viewed the wide assortment of commercial and pleasure boats on the bay that … Continue reading “Wind of God”