The Ministry of the Spirit by A. J. Gordon

From the Foreword . . . WHILE BROWSING in a Christian used bookstore in 1979, I spied an original edition of A. J. Gordon’s The Ministry of the Spirit, which I purchased for $1.00! Thirteen days before I purchased Gordon’s book (typically, I note the date of a purchased book on the flyleaf), I bought a booklet authored by my old theology professor, Dr. Leslie D. Wilcox (1924-1991), titled Power from on High. Although Wilcox did not subscribe to every doctrinal jot and tittle Gordon espoused, he said the book was “among the most outstanding ever written on the subject.”1 … Continue reading “The Ministry of the Spirit by A. J. Gordon”

How Christ Came to Church / A. J. Gordon

ADONIRAM JUDSON GORDON (1836-1895) is mostly known in contemporary Evangelical circles by two Christian institutions bearing his name: Gordon College and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Both schools are located in Massachusetts. However, long before these schools were launched, Dr. Gordon became widely known as the pastor of Clarendon Street Baptist Church, Boston. It was in the early years of his ministry at the church when Gordon experienced both a remarkable dream and special anointing of the Holy Spirit. These events precipitated a change in his own life and ministry that would eventually impact thousands around the world.  (This article is taken … Continue reading “How Christ Came to Church / A. J. Gordon”

The Enduement of the Spirit

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A. J.  Gordon (1836-1895) was born in New Hampshire to devout Christian parents. At about age fifteen, he was converted; one year later he expressed his desire to prepare for the ministry. In 1856 he attended Brown University, and in 1860 entered Newton Theological Seminary. Upon graduation in 1863, he accepted a pastorate at Jamaica Plain, New Boston. After six successful years there, he accepted a call to pastor Clarendon Street Baptist Church in Boston, which was in a poor spiritual condition. In 1877, evangelist Dwight L. Moody came to Boston. When Moody, as Henry Drummond said, … Continue reading “The Enduement of the Spirit”