The Mind of Christ

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While there are many devotionals available for today’s Christian, and many good ones at that, sometimes it is helpful to read a new one—from a different perspective. Thirsty-hearted believers will be fed by the Spirit through John R. MacDuff’s thirty-one devotionals on The Mind of Christ. You will be repeatedly impressed with MacDuff’s saintliness, breadth of biblical knowledge, and his spiritual discernment and warmth—and his flaming passion for the Lord Jesus Christ. Here was a man of God who was spiritually alive and possessed a keen mind. His ministry to the Church was spent in stimulating believers—through voice and pen—to aspire to be transformed into the likeness of Christ. Read this classic and be challenged—and changed—by the Holy Spirit! John R. MacDuff (1818-1895) was a pastor and prolific devotional and hymn writer in the Scottish tradition. Multiplied thousands of Christians have profited greatly by his writings over the past century. Ralph I. Tilley is a retired pastor, who also served as editor of Life in the Spirit journal for 20 years; he has taught at the Bible college, university, and seminary levels.

ISBN: 978-0-578-11878-9

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