Renewed by the Spirit: 365 Daily Meditations

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Since my conversion to Christ, over fifty years ago now, our gracious Lord has ministered to me daily through his sacred Scriptures. Additionally, my life and ministry have been immeasurably enriched as the Spirit has used the writings of men and women—past and present—who communicated a keen mind and a warm heart as they put pen to paper. In the words of the holy apostle, our merciful God is pleased to use both “parchments” (the Scriptures) and “books” (2 Tim. 4:13) in building up his people in the most holy faith. One such book the Lord has favorably blessed to countless numbers of Christians is a book of daily devotionals. Personally, I have read for many years from at least one devotional each day and sometimes from more than one. For the Christian to maintain a vibrant relationship in his or her walk with God, daily renewal is essential; a book of meditations can contribute toward that end. A devotional should not be a substitute for daily Bible reading; it should only serve as a supplement to the Word of God. Thus, I pray our Father will be pleased to use Renewed by the Spirit as an aid in one’s walk with God. If that should be the case, to God alone belongs the glory.

ISBN: 978-09903950-3-4

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