Convicted & Transformed: The Christian’s Relationship to the Holy Spirit

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It was many years ago when I first “stumbled” across a book penned by Myron S. Augsburger. Though our roots in different church traditions, I soon discovered through his writings that he believed in “the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints” Jude 1:3), was a convinced Evangelical, exuded a contagious love for the Lord Jesus Christ, and honored the Holy Spirit throughout his writings. One cannot read after Augsburger long before realizing that he is a man of God, possessed of a keen mind and a warm heart. By means of both his formal education obtained the classroom, and his Christ-shaped heart and conscience formed by Word and Spirit, Augsburger has written with penetrating insight, informed conviction, and spiritual wisdom and understanding. In addition to ministering effectively in his own Anabaptist tradition, God has given to Dr. Augsburger a wider ministry to much of the church. The Lord expanded his fellowship years ago to embrace all who call Jesus Lord and walk in fellowship with Him. This willingness to fellowship and serve alongside other Evangelicals is evidenced by the fact that Billy Graham (a Baptist) wrote the Foreword to one of his books, and Leighton Ford (son-in-law to Billy Graham and a Presbyterian) another. Some Christians write because they want to be published. Some Christians write because they want to earn money (good luck!). A few men and women of God write because they have something to say. Dr. Augsburger falls into the latter category: he has something to say about the Holy Spirit that the church needs to hear. While “Convicted & Transformed” (originally titled, Quench Not the Spirit) was first published over fifty years ago, it remains a relevant and vibrant voice to all who will listen. In many respects, the Holy Spirit is the ignored member of the Triune God in the contemporary church. Furthermore, in places where the Spirit is not ignored, His person and ministries are often misunderstood, resulting in much error and confusion. The reader who is eager to learn about the Christian’s relationship to the Holy Spirit will discover in this volume a biblically sound approach, as well as a challenge to one’s conscience. “Convicted & Transformed” cannot be seriously read without often stopping to lift the heart to God, seeking His understanding and grace. The Christian world is both blessed and indebted to those men and women of faith, who stimulate us to sink our roots deeper into the truth and wisdom of God. I thank God for giving Myron S. Augsburger to Christ’s church, and I think you will too after reading this book about the Christian’s relationship to the Third Person of the Holy Trinity.

ISBN: 978-0-9903950-5-8

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