Aflame with the Holy Spirit

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Early Church father John Chrysostom (c. 349-407) said of The Acts of the Apostles many centuries ago, “To many persons, this Book is so little known, both it and its author, that they are not even aware that there is such a book in existence.” Such is no longer the case. The Christian Church knows about Acts; we just do not think this Spirit-inspired history is relevant to today’s Christian.

However, The Acts of the Apostles should remind us that while times change, God’s ways of growing and governing his church do not. There are universal principles and examples in this dynamic narrative of the church’s early years that can serve as a catalyst for church renewal and revival today – if we will only listen to what the Holy Spirit says to us afresh as we read this living truth.

This commentary is offered as a mere help to assist earnest Christians in their study of this God-breathed historical account.

The book is organized into 365 sections so that if the reader chooses, it can be used as a daily devotional.


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