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The Ministry of the Spirit

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A. J. Gordon (1836-1895) is known in today’s Evangelical circles by two Christian institutions bearing his name: Gordon College and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. However, long… [Read More] ISBN: B0C2QGWZGY

Light from Heaven: Biblical Studies in Light and Darkness

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For centuries students of the Word of God have been fascinated by its motifs of light and darkness. From the first chapter of Genesis to… [Read More] ISBN: 978-1732808782

Voices of the Early Church Fathers: 365 Daily Readings

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Too many pastors, and Christians in general, confine most if not all their spiritual reading to the latest and flashiest books. How sad. The profound… [Read More] ISBN: 978-1732808775

On This Day in Church History: 365 Daily Vignettes

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IN THE WISDOM OF GOD, He has provided and preserved for us an overview of the Church's early history—the Four Gospels (histories of the Incarnate… [Read More] ISBN: 978-1732808751

All about Jesus: 365 Daily Meditations

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All about Jesus is my third daily devotional, and the twentieth book our gracious Lord has enabled me to either author or edit for publication since… [Read More] ISBN: 978-1732808720

The Spirit of Holiness & Power: An Anthology on the Holy Spirit

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This book is about HOLINESS—about the power of the HOLY SPIRIT, who both cleanses and enables Christians to live a life pleasing to God. God… [Read More] ISBN: 978-1-7328087-3-7

A Passion for Christ: A Devotional Journey into Christlikeness

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This book challenges the Christian to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ—intimately, increasingly, and passionately. More than fifty years ago, A. W. Tozer… [Read More] ISBN: 978-1-7328087-4-4

The Master’s Way

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FRANK MANGS (1897-1994) was a renowned Scandinavian evangelist who was a native of his beloved Finland. He mainly evangelized throughout Finland, Norway, and Sweden. However,… [Read More] ISBN: 1732808716

Wellspring: 365 Devotional Readings

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The title of these devotional readings is WellSpring. A “wellspring” is the head of a spring, stream, or river. When used metaphorically, it means “a… [Read More] ISBN: B07JFJG1YK

Evangelical Saints: 47 Biographical Sketches

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Biblically speaking, a “saint” is a true believer in and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. However, there have been those men and women sprinkled… [Read More] ISBN: 978-0-9903950-7-2

Christ in You: Living the Christ-Life

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God calls each disciple of the Christ to be increasingly transformed into his Son’s likeness (2 Cor. 3:18). It is one thing to be in… [Read More] ISBN: 978-0-9903950-6-5

Convicted & Transformed: The Christian’s Relationship to the Holy Spirit

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It was many years ago when I first “stumbled” across a book penned by Myron S. Augsburger. Though our roots in different church traditions, I… [Read More] ISBN: 978-0-9903950-5-8

Renewed by the Spirit: 365 Daily Meditations

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Since my conversion to Christ, over fifty years ago now, our gracious Lord has ministered to me daily through his sacred Scriptures. Additionally, my life… [Read More] ISBN: 978-09903950-3-4

Letters from Noah

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These letters were “written” by Noah—the Noah, who was instructed by God to build the Ark for the salvation of his family and a remnant… [Read More] ISBN: 978-0-9903950-4-1

In the Footprints of the Lamb

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Many years ago I purchased a copy of In the Footprints of the Lamb by George Steinberger. I figured if both Ole Hallesby (1879-1961) and… [Read More] ISBN: 978-0-9903950-2-7

Called to Be Saints: An Anthology on Holiness

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This book is about holiness. I realize the topic is offensive to many professing Christians in the contemporary church—as has always been the case in… [Read More] ISBN: 978-0-9903950-1-0

The Bow In The Cloud

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“And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud” (Gen. 9:14).… [Read More] ISBN: 978-0-9903950-0-3

Not Peace But a Sword: When Revival Came to Memorial Church

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Riverby Memorial Church was both imposing and important, with a liberal sprinkling of lawyers, doctors, retailers and politicians. Its pastor was highly educated, an excellent… [Read More] ISBN: 978-0-615-99833-6

The Christian’s Vital Breath: An Anthology on Prayer

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A praying person is an awful weapon in the hands of God. Prayer—believing, Spirit-directed, truth-based prayer—glorifies God, exalts the Lord Jesus Christ, honors the blessed… [Read More] ISBN: 978-0-615-95528-5

How Christ Came to Church: An Anthology of the Works of A. J. Gordon

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"How Christ Came to Church" is an anthology of many of Adoniram Judson Gordon's (1836-1895) works. This new edition is edited by Ralph I. Tilley.… [Read More] ISBN: 978-0-615-91088-8

Breath of God: Experiencing Life in the Spirit

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Christians and churches are in great need of experiencing the presence and power of God. We need a breath of fresh air—the very Breath of… [Read More] ISBN: 978-0-615-87805-8

The Mind of Christ

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While there are many devotionals available for today’s Christian, and many good ones at that, sometimes it is helpful to read a new one—from a… [Read More] ISBN: 978-0-578-11878-9

Thirsting for God: A Devotional Walk on the Journey into Christlikeness

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"Thirsting for God" is a compilation of the author's Christian poetry, mediations and prayers. [Read More] ISBN: 978-0-615-48529-4