God Uses People to Accomplish His Purposes

You led your people like a flock by the hand of Moses and Aaron.
Psalm 77:20

It is an amazing thing—the ways and works of God among the children of men!

We often hear that the Lord God does not need people. In one sense that is true, for God is self-existent, almighty, and sovereign. However, when it comes to his kingdom work on earth, God has chosen to work his will and accomplish his purposes through people.

When God designed and created the animal and plant kingdoms, he gifted Adam to name the animals and care for Eden’s garden. When God decided to cleanse the world of its evil and begin anew, he selected Noah to construct a vessel, saving his family, and began the task of repopulating the earth through him. When God chose to send his Son into the world through a select people, he began with Abram, a man living in Ur of the Chaldeans. When God initiated a plan to deliver his suffering people from Egypt’s tyranny and slavery, he found an ineloquent, quick-tempered Hebrew by the name of Moses, and used his brother Aaron to be his spokesman: “You led your people like a flock by the hand of Moses and Aaron.”

Whenever God wishes to accomplish something, he doesn’t call perfect people; instead, he selects imperfect people and then begins working in them to perfect them. This work of God in a person often begins long before he sends them on a specific mission. And, of course, his perfecting work continues while they are engaged in mission.

One essential quality God looks for in calling any individual for a particular mission is this: a listening heart. God cannot mold and use a person who refuses to listen and obey. He rejected Saul because he refused to listen; he chose David because he learned to listen.

While Moses and Aaron experienced momentary failures, as we all will, their lives were characterized by listening, obeying, and following Yahweh. God could lead Israel because he had two men who would allow him to lead them. What does God wish to do through you? Will you listen?

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by Ralph I. Tilley
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Author: Ralph I. Tilley

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